Major Oil Company Doing Right! Compare that to Monsanto

 Chemical Plant Doing It RIGHT! Imagine living next to a chemical plant. I remember when I was a child living in San Pedro, California when we used to drive by a huge refinery and chemical plant nearby. It was a landmark in my neighborhood. One of the round balloon-like storage tanks was painted bright orange…

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Earth, the Ocean and Future Generations — Connecting Your Children to Nature

What do your children and Nature have in common?  A simple answer may be: a desire to survive well and experience happiness. But how is this achieved?  The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) has developed a program for youth that provides the tools for winning in life modeled after Nature’s common sense lessons.  Cooperative Ecology (Co-Eco) is the term describing this field of…

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Imagine Alaska


Imagine Alaska By Thomas J. McGuire (Tom McGuire having lived and worked in Alaska since 1976 is deeply committed to protecting Alaska’s pristine wilderness and coastlines. Tom spent thirty-eight of those years in the oil well drilling business with extensive field experience on drilling rigs including the last ten of those years as a directional…

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