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The Earth Organization experienced tremendous growth in 2009. Our impact has become noticeable. The implementation of administration and good management will continue to strengthen us and we shall therefore continue to expand as a group….

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2010 was a year of unprecedented expansion for The Earth Organization (TEO). We opened 10 new chapters internationally; they are as follows; Cape Town, Democratic Republic of Congo, England, 2 in India, Ivory Coast, Pietermaritzburg (just outside of Durban), Uganda, Kloof (a suburb of Durban, South Africa) & Johannesburg….

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In 2011, The Earth Organization (TEO) placed our focus on the educational component of this statement. This resulted in fantastic gains, ensuring a new generation of people who understand their interaction with their environment and how they can live sustainable lives, limiting the negative impact on the environment….

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The support that we had in 2012 has been unprecedented and we have seen the fastest growth of our organization to date. Everyone took up the conservation challenge and saw the vital necessity of making Lawrence’s goals a reality. Thank you for all the support and strength that came from all our chapters and supporters, which gave us the motivation to carry on and carry Lawrence’s touch forward, for the greater good of this planet. It has been tough without him but at the same time incredibly inspiring….

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2014 was a very focused year with big projects coming to fruition. Each of these projects enhance and assist the survival of the environment and thus man. With a growing awareness in the general public of the interrelationship of man and nature LAEO is set to reach even further with education across the boards and this is the vital role that we play….

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In 2015 as we have researched the most important environmental issues facing the planet today, we become increasingly focused on water issues as one of the most pivotal planetary situations, impacting all life, which must be addressed. From advocating for efficient, non-toxic cleanup technologies to replace the woefully inadequate methods currently used to address hazardous oil and chemical spills, to finding real solutions to providing abundant quantities of fresh water in order to reverse drought and desert areas, we are making progress in critical subjects of environmental concern….

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In many ways, working to conserve the environment for the future of all life on this planet is an enormously challenging undertaking.
With so many species under pressure, the criminal trade in wildlife, environmental abuse by large industry, and enormous population pressure, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming endeavour.
For this reason, it is important to take strength from the dedication of our group and growing international awareness about the environment. Now more than ever we see dedicated people and groups fighting for the health of the planet….

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