The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization has taken on several important and far-reaching issues. We find real solutions and work to get them implemented broadly to make the world a better place for all life.

We are an independent, non-political, non-religious, science-based, non-profit group working to reverse the decline of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms and our environment through education and action.

We work to produce the following:

1) Correct science and technology applied to environmental situations resulting in preserved, restored and prosperous ecosystems.

2) Environmentally educated people who are taking greater responsibility for natural world.

3) Environmental projects completed in which a decaying situation has been turned into life-enhancing scene.

There are always a wide variety of functions where we need additional hands to get everything done. Your help would be sincerely appreciated. There are many different activities that we need help with. The following list will give you an idea of the areas in which we need help. We would of course give you any training necessary to carry out the work.


Are you skilled in any of the following?

1) On-line research

2) Writing press releases and articles and getting them placed in magazines, newspapers, on-line blogs, etc.

3) Fundraising

4) Grant writing

5) Social Media

6) Making calls to TV stations to get our PSAs aired.

7) Graphic Design

8) Promotion of our Eco Safaris and educational programs

9) Compiling materials and getting them out to key leaders in their field.

10) Gathering up and posting on graphs our weekly statistics.

11) Giving workshops to kids in schools.

12) Manning a booth.

13) Helping to put on fundraising or educational events

14) Exec assistant – administrative backup

15) Managing and coordinating our volunteers.

16) Running errands and repairing office items

17) Office cleaning

18) Internet Marketing

19) Coordinating and/or helping to get out bulk mailings.

20) Database management


Come Join Our Team and Enjoy the Pride of Working with a Group that is Truly Making a Difference!