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We believe, that all life is interconnected—interdependent. That all life has a right to clean water, to clean air, to clean soil. That Earth is our home—is our responsibility. That the problems caused by humanity can be solved by humanity and only humanity. We believe that finding real solutions requires real science not opinions. That raising awareness means spreading knowledge, not fear. We believe that mankind’s greatest resource is mankind itself. We can create a world where all life can survive–a world, where all life can thrive. It is finally within our power to save—to protect—to restore our home, our future.

Solving the world’s environmental challenges can only be fully accomplished when a Live in Alignment Systems approach is truly understood and applied worldwide. We call this method of taking care of our planet, Cooperative Ecology or CoEco.

Cooperative Ecology means a way of living in balance with other life because none of us survive alone.

All life does best when it works together with other life. Humanity plus Nature has the power to protect, preserve and restore.

When environmental groups, government regulators, industry and communities are in opposition with clashing viewpoints and purposes, we are seldom able to arrive at ideal solutions or sound reasoning that will benefit the greatest number of lives involved. When life goes out of balance, conflicts ensue; people and other life forms suffer.

As industry, governments, communities and individuals adopt the CoEco way of thinking and working, everyone lives a better life.

CoEco also means that when people work in alignment with natural laws things go right, technology makes sense, everything works well and there are no conflicting technologies or chemistry.

Teaching and implementing Cooperative Ecology is critical to ensuring our science and technology evolves as constructive, that industry practices and public policy support all life and that any negative impacts are quickly corrected.

In order to leave our children and succeeding generations a world where humanity and nature can live in harmony, we, you and I, this generation, must do everything possible to make this a reality.

Because—None Survive Alone

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