Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization on Animal Cruelty

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization staff and volunteers have rescued wildlife around the world from very abusive situations. Our history has included fascinating wildlife rescue initiatives, starting with the Baghdad Zoo during the war in Iraq in 2003/2004, an experience that inspired Lawrence Anthony to found our international organization dedicated to reversing decaying environmental and conservation issues and restoring functioning ecosystems.

Subsequently, our Reptiles and Amphibians chapter in South Africa has rescued over a thousand of these animals that are so important to the ecosystem and relocated them to areas of natural habitat away from human communities. Our baby rhino orphanage rescued several baby rhinos and a baby hippo. And our Ukrainian chapter relocated several bears and lions out of abusive situations.

Mia, a lion cub, was rescued in 2019 from a tiny cage in Ukraine along with 4 other cubs and transported to the Ubuntu big cat sanctuary in South Africa to be their “forever home” in natural habitat with excellent, humane care.  Sadly, the earlier abusive conditions she had lived in caught up with her last month and, at only 4 years old, her health failed. Rushed to an experienced wildlife clinic, it was not possible to save her.


Many abusers do not realize the harm they are doing to these beautiful animals.  They think raising them in small cages is adequate treatment for them. Wildlife in captivity are often fed food not fit for their dietary needs, causing additional problems and stress.  Many abusers think their intentions are good, but they are not educated enough to know what is actually best for their captive wildlife and just how stressful for them these substandard conditions are. Often the owner has captured and raised them for their own enjoyment, not for the real benefit of a quality life for the animal.

If you know of any wildlife in captivity that is experiencing poor care, please report it to local officials.

Coming soon!  For more information on these topics, we have several educational books to be published on this subject on our website in just a few weeks, and this series will continue to expand as we research environmental and conservation issues, get to the truth at the core of them, and provide solutions that everyone can be a part of.   Keep an eye out for our notice that the new series is published. We will let you know just as soon as they are available!

Founded in 2004, LAEO is dedicated to forwarding the legacy of world-renowned conservationist Dr. Lawrence Anthony. We improve environmental, social and economic conditions to enhance the health of all life by researching to find the factual root of the problems and then getting logical solutions implemented. Our goal is “Restored, functioning ecosystems”; improving habitat and conditions for wildlife is just one sector of that.