Our Celebrity Spokesbird

Albert Dishwasher, as he named himself, is an African Grey Parrot, born in captivity and raised by a woman who treated him not as a pet but as a respected member of the family.

Dish is an amazing ambassador for the natural world. We are honored to have him be our official Spokesbird.

Cooperative Ecology

Cooperative Ecology™

Cooperative Ecology™ (CoEco) is a field of environmental study in which ways to understand and enhance the mutually supportive interrelationships between mankind and the natural world are explored and implemented for improved potential long-term survival for all. The moment any life form, including humans, falls away from the concept of mutual cooperation with all other life forms and the material world, their capability to survive diminishes and they become less effective. Learn More

Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

“There is no greater imperative. Mankind’s superior intellect and deep spiritual heritage will count for naught if we fail in this quest. Life will simply pass us by as we succumb to our own devices, and more successful life forms will evolve to replace us. The fate of uncountable species that have already disappeared into oblivion after inhabiting, sometimes dominating, the Earth for millions of years bears stark testimony to this. And we are not immune.” —Lawrence Anthony

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Toxic Spill Solutions

Toxic Spill Solutions

During the beginning weeks of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, an LAEO Science and Tech Advisory team reviewed and identified existing spill clean up technologies to determine what environmental solutions were available for remediating this unprecedented disaster. How would it be possible to restore the Gulf of Mexico, save the lives of people and reverse the nearly irrecoverable damage to this priceless marine ecosystem? Learn More about Toxic Spill Solutions

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Our Founder, Lawrence Anthony, spent many years working to change the face of conservation by first originating the idea of and then establishing community-owned game reserves dedicated to the economic empowerment of indigenous tribes and the conservation of the local wildlife. Learn more about our wildlife conservation efforts and how you can get involved!

Eco Safari

Eco Safari

LAEO’s many activities include providing outstanding Eco Safaris to South Africa. No need to fuss with creating your own itinerary!  Braided into the adventure is education from environmental experts on such issues as endangered species, wildlife conservation, effective anti-poaching programs, and more. Join us on our next Eco Safari Trip

About Lawrence Anthony

Lawrence Anthony - Our Founder

The Earth Organization was founded in 2003 by Dr. Lawrence Anthony—after repeatedly witnessing the distressing affects from growing discord between Mankind and the natural world.

These experiences had such a profound impact, he felt compelled to form a completely new kind of environmental and conservation organization to arrest the dangerous decline of Planet.

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