Academic Definition of Cooperative Ecology

Cooperative Ecology™ (CoEco) is a field of environmental study in which ways to understand and enhance the mutually supportive interrelationships between mankind and the natural world are explored and implemented for improved potential long-term survival for all. The moment any life form, including humans, falls away from the concept of mutual cooperation with all other life forms and the material world, their capability to survive diminishes and they become less effective.

By necessity, it includes the study and correction of any negative impacts of mankind’s sciences, economics, and cultures on the natural world. Whether sciences bring about a steady improvement for life forms and the material world or whether they create imbalances determines to what degree the sciences, themselves, are cooperating with life and, thereby, their relative value.

The term was created by Lawrence Anthony and contains the basic principles upon which we operate to make best choices. We are seeking to instill in people a sense and understanding that all life is interdependent, and that the decisions we all make affect the natural world, and then, in turn, circle back to affect the health and quality of life of each one of us. Basically, CoEco demonstrates that all life does best when it works together with other life. When this concept is implemented, it better connects everyone to nature, and is a way of getting people to better co-operate with each other and the natural world around them. It is the basic principle underlying everything we do.

Our purpose in this is to bring about a New Age of constructive decision making. As more people embrace Cooperative Ecology, it positively impacts the quality of their decisions across all areas of their lives – their work, their financial choices, their relationships, their involvement in community activities, and their interaction with the natural world.

LAEO is establishing educational publications and programs to infuse Cooperative Ecology thinking throughout society. Through publications designed for specific groups – government officials, industry, commerce, science and academia, and youth – we are expanding our outreach to share and teach Cooperative Ecology as a vital, operating concept for each of us.

We believe that getting this information understood and spread broadly may be one of the only guarantees that humanity will be able to reverse the steep decline of our environment, the Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

To co-ecologize or to co-eco (verb) – to bring into cooperation, harmonize, make aware of the mutual interdependency of all life and the physical world, and, thereby, bring about cooperation and mutual supportive existence.

Derivation: Eco – Late Latin oeco – household, from Greek oiko – house, and cooperate, from Late Latin cooperari, from Latin co- with + operari, to work.

The Following Is a Perfect Example of Cooperative Ecology in Action!

Interested in Becoming a Coeco Ambassador?

The first step is to raise awareness in yourself and others about the life-enhancing give and take of the world around you. As a CoEco Ambassador, there are a series of steps to do to help you learn how to do this. Each step is interesting and fun as you gain a higher understanding of how to apply this to your life and learn skills to be able to help others increase their awareness of their vital partnership for survival with others and the natural world.