What We Do

LAEO U.S. Finds and Implements Technologies for Solving
the World’s Biggest Environmental Problems

Water and Food Security

  • We Enable & Bring Clean Water Access to Drought-Stressed and Arid Regions of the World
  • We get Toxic Chemical Clean Up Solutions for Rivers, Lakes and Oceans Implemented
  • We Enable Clean Food Security by Installing Clean Water Security
  • We Teach Cooperative Ecology – CoEco Means Finding and Applying Environmental Solutions that Are in Alignment with Natural Laws
  • We help Communities, Industry and Governments Implement Constructive Decision Making

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) is dedicated to improving environmental conditions in order to enhance the health and future of all life.

We take on projects that we feel are particularly important in a given area or globally and follow a step-by-step process to find and implement logical and real solutions.  An overview of our process would be:

  1. Identify a problem that would have far-reaching, positive impact if it is resolved.
  2. Gather all the information we can find on that issue.
  3. Evaluate that information, ensuring it is accurate and relevant to the issue.
  4. Through this process, find out what is the true core cause of the problem.
  5. Find a solution that will fully resolve and/or reverse the decaying situation that is causing the problem. We work to ensure that our solutions benefit all involved, including the economy, jobs, industry, commerce, people, wildlife, and the environment.
  6. We then work to get that solution implemented.
  7. With the lessons learned from all of the above, we create educational materials.  Depending on the situation, these could be for government regulators and industry officials to the broad public and children.

A New Way of Thinking!

CoEco Logo - White on Blue - correct w tm

In addition to finding and implementing solutions, we know if humankind does not change the way it operates and thinks about our dependence upon and interaction with the natural world, that we and all other groups involved in recreating a healthier world are going to be “saving the whales”, and “saving the rain forests”, and “saving the wolves”, etc…. until they’re gone.  Thus, we provide educational experiences such as lectures, workshops, Eco Summer Camp for kids and Eco Safaris to South Africa for groups in which our travelers gain a far better understanding of the natural world and their part in it.

Through our work, we help people understand that none of us survive alone—that all life does best when it works together with other life towards the goal of mutually thriving.  Increased awareness of this helps to better understand and connect with the natural world and helps to bring about an atmosphere of cooperation rather than conflict.

We named this field and endeavor Cooperative Ecology™. Braided into all that we do is the “CoEco™” concept.  We teach the concept to others and work to implement solutions that align with it. As industry, governments, communities and individuals adopt this model, it leads to more constructive decision making across every area of life.