The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) is dedicated to improving environmental conditions for the health of all life.  We take on projects that we feel are particularly important in a given area or globally and follow a step-by-step process to find and implement real solutions.  The process can be basically described as:

  1. Gather all the information we can find on a particular issue we’ve decided to take on.
  2. Evaluate all of that information, ensuring its accuracy and relevance to the issue.
  3. Through this process, find out what the core cause of the problem is.
  4. Find a solution that will fully resolve what is causing the problem. To do so, we know our solution must bring benefit to all who are involved, or at least not do any further harm.
  5. We then work to get that solution implemented.  This always includes, to some degree, educating those involved about the core cause of the problem and the solution we have found.

In addition to the above, we know if humankind does not change the way it operates and thinks about our dependence upon and interaction with the natural world, LAEO is going to be, as our International President, Barbara Wiseman says, “…saving the whales, and saving the rain forests, and saving the wolves, etc…. until they’re gone.”  Thus, we provide educational experiences like high school ocean adventures for teens, and Eco Safaris to South Africa for groups in which our travelers get a better understanding of the natural world and their part in it.

Through our work, we help people understand that none of us survive alone—that all life does best when it works together with other life.  This better connects everyone with the natural world, resulting in more constructive decision-making and problem solving. This is a way of getting the world to co-operate.

We named this field and endeavor Cooperative Ecology, and we teach the concept to others and work to implement solutions that align with it. As industry, governments, communities and individuals adopt this way of working, it leads to more constructive decision making.


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