We help people understand that none of us survive alone—that all life does best when it works together with other life.  This better connects everyone with the natural world, resulting in more constructive decision-making and problem solving. This is a way of getting the world to co-operate.

We named this field and endeavor Cooperative Ecology – teaching and implementing Co-Eco alignment and actionAs industry, governments, communities and individuals adopt this way of working, everyone lives a better life.

We work to align and unify people, industry, science and technology domains, governments and groups with the interests of the natural world to effect constructive decision-making, environmental solutions, protections and preservations.


Protecting and Preserving Earth’s Waters

A major focus of LAEO’s US headquarters is the protection and preservation of Earth’s oceans and fresh water resources. These programs have three focal points currently:

  • Locating and implementing technologies for removing oil and fuel chemical pollutants from our fresh water and ocean aquatic environments.
  • Improving policy and planning that governs our hazardous chemical and oil spill response systems.
  • Addressing water scarcities through the implementation of Primary Water Science, making clean water abundant and available for all life!

The consequences of the dwindling availability of clean water and ocean environments on the planet, represents one of the most critical social, economic and environmental challenges of this century.

Supporting Wildlife Conservation

Through our Eco Safaris to South Africa and our Wildlife in War Zones project, we work to bring more humane conditions to wildlife in need, while working to bring all aspects of the issues into better cooperative balance. [next sub heading] Cooperative Ecology Education – [text] The importance of infusing the concepts of Cooperative Ecology throughout society can not be overstated. Through educational publications, seminars, contests, and one-on-one meetings, we work to riase awareness and implementation of this fundamental concept.

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