Barbara Wiseman - In front of Congress building DC

Barbara Wiseman - International President and US Executive Director

Barbara Wiseman co-founded The Earth Organization in 2003 with Dr. Lawrence Anthony, becoming its International President and heading up its global initiatives. She has 30 years management consulting, public relations, and international pioneer project management experience. As just one example, seven years ago, in looking for solutions to the largest global environmental situations, she came across a relatively unknown science of water that provided the foundation for a potential body of knowledge to locate sustainable water resources in drought-prone regions.  She brought together a team of scientists to validate, document, codify and expand the science, identifying and allying the top experts in the field.  Her purpose was to build alliances to advance and implement LAEO’s environmental solutions to regions in dire need of water resources and to ensure that this science is broadly implemented for the benefit of humankind and all life. The work of this team resulted in the Deep Seated Water Technology now being implemented around the world.

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Barb - BP Oil Spill press conference - Louisiana AG CLINT GUIDRY and LA Senator