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It’s likely, during your life, that you have run into some things happening on this planet that do not make sense -- war, hunger, pollution, mistreatment of animals. Why is there so much conflict? Why do some people actively pollute our waterways and soil or unnecessarily harm animals? How can people be nicer to each other? Why are there still so many life-threatening environmental situations despite the fact that we live in an advanced technological time with so many groups and good people working really hard to correct them? These are all good questions.

Ultimately, solutions to these problems boil down to each of us learning how to make better daily choices. Choices that each of us make impact the world around us in a far wider circle than most of us realize. When thinking about how to make a positive impact on the environment, many people do strive to make a difference in small ways. Truthfully, this is our planet. Each of us must take some responsibility for ensuring our planet’s long-term health. Who else is going to do it?

Anyone can become a CoEco Ambassador. There are different levels of CoEco Ambassador status. By following a set of steps and completing simple projects, you’ll become more and more able to apply this concept in your own life and make the world a better place. It’s really fun, and as you advance to each higher level of CoEco Ambassador status, you’ll earn things like official CoEco Ambassador Certificates, a CoEco Ambassador t-shirt, baseball cap, water bottle, jacket, and other things. Additionally, you will qualify to attend webinars where you will meet other CoEco Ambassadors from around the world and share how you’re applying CoEco to the world around you.

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