Of all that we do, our most important activity is our educational program to raise humanity’s awareness of the vital importance of each person actively working to enhance the world around them. We have created character-building courses and reading materials based on this principle and are working to get them out broadly into schools and homeschools.

One of the first steps we do is to ask a child to “Make a list of everything you can think of that your mom does for you that makes your life happier, healthier, and safer. Good! Now make a list of everything you do for your mom to make her life happier, healthier, safer.” Then we have them do that same drill related to their dad, siblings, their bedroom, their teachers, their school, the businesses in their neighborhood, and then outwards to the natural world. “What does [your pet, that pond, that tree, that park, etc.] do for you?” and “What do you do for that [___].

Our students are not only inspired to actively work to enhance the life and things around them upon which their life depends, but actually learn what to do to resolve issues such as wildlife protection, toxic spill cleanup, water conservation, restoring healthy soil, and the overall responsible care and protection of the natural world.

There is urgency here
and you can make a real difference

Your financial support will result in children fundamentally inspired for life to safeguard and improve the natural world and knowing how to do it.

We are currently raising $200,000 to scale this program to a whole new level.

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