What Your Funds Help Us Accomplish

  • We Bring about Healthy Habitat for Healthy People and Wildlife
  • We Bring Clean Water Access to Drought-Stressed and Arid Regions of the World
  • We get Toxic Chemical Clean Up Solutions for Rivers, Lakes and Oceans Implemented
  • We Enable Clean Food Security by Installing Clean Water Security
  • We Teach Cooperative Ecology – CoEco Means Finding and Applying Environmental Solutions that Are in Alignment with Natural Laws and That Make Life Better for All Involved
  • We help Communities, Industry and Governments Implement More Constructive Decision Making

Note: The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization is an IRS registered 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit. Use our Federal Tax ID number (FEIN) 20-1832617. Consult with your own accountant or tax professional as to how tax-deductible donations apply to you.