World Water Day!




The purpose of World Water Day is to raise awareness about water.

Today, we invite you to learn more about water.

In line with our Cooperative Ecology philosophy–the right to clean water is not only a human right, but an essential ingredient for the survival of all life on Earth.

We believe that fixed ideas and false science can obstruct innovative solutions. The subject of water is prone to this obstruction and falsehoods. The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s Clean Water Program has as a simple objective: To remove any and all obstructions to clean water access.

And, it starts with assembling knowledge and true data.

LAEO recognizes water scarcities as an environmental threat and global situation of great proportion. While this is true, there is a degree of fear mongering and propagandizing being done that is serving less than well-intentioned entities.

That’s why this is a top priority sector we are addressing and implementing real solutions for.

Some published facts that our research indicates have rather simple solutions:

About 40 per cent of the world’s population currently lives in areas with moderate-to-high water stress. By 2025, it is estimated that about two thirds of the world’s population — about 5.5 billion people – will live in areas facing such water stress.


There are more than one billion people who lack access to a steady supply of clean water. There are 2.4 billion people — more than a third of the world’s population — who do not have access to proper sanitation.


Like the toxic spill solutions for cleaning up chemical pollutants LAEO has advocated for, the water solutions we have developed for water-stressed regions will take considerable work to get accepted and adopted by vested interests who control these sectors. But the GOOD NEWS is there are solutions that can eliminate these hair-raising problems.

Overcoming the obstructions requires big money and energy to pull off. Your membership and donations are vital to getting this job done. Make a Pledge to CLEAN WATER for all life on this World Water Day.

If you are interested in volunteering or helping with our water program please contact us!

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Some other facts about water you may not know have been published by the United Nations. WORLD WATER DAY FACTS


  • According to the U.N., 2.1 billion people don’t have safe drinking water at home.
  • Of those, 844 million don’t have access to a basic drinking water service, including 263 million people who travel for over 30 minutes per trip to collect water.
  • And 159 million still drink untreated water—a serious health risk—from surface water sources, such as streams or lakes.
  • There are 663 million people who live without a safe water supply close to home.
  • About 71% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, according to The United States Geological Survey Water Science School.
  • The world’s total water supply equates to 332.5 million cubic miles.
  • Oceans hold around 97% of all Earth’s water, which means all but about 3% of our water is saline.
  • Of the world’s total freshwater, 69% is frozen in ice and glaciers and another 30% is in the ground.
  • Just 0.26% of the world’s water is in freshwater lakes.
  • And only 0.001% of all our water is in the atmosphere.
  • By 2050, the world’s population will have grown by an estimated 2 billion people—nearing 10 billion—increasing demand for water by up to 30%, predicts the U.N.
  • Over 80% of society’s dirty wastewater flows back into the environment without treatment or reuse.
  • As much as 71% of the world’s natural wetlands have been lost since 1900—and it’s humans’ fault.