Spill Solutions–Results and Cost Analysis

Pipeline Companies Pay Attention!  

Nov 18, 2017-Pipeline Spill Area

Time to Implement 

A Win Win Solution – A Change in Contingency Plans and Response – Easily Implemented  

It isn’t about the spills and STOPPING pipelines. It is about how spills are detected and addressed–how pipeline companies handle their spills. The good news is, these spills can be cleaned up cost effectively to 100% gone! 

Thousands of oil and gas chemical spills, large and small, are abandoned every year without being completely removed–An ALMOST Clean Up isn’t good enough when one can do better. Response and Restoration standards have been inadequate for decades when effective solutions do exist. THAT is the real issue. 

Insist better spill removal technology be used in your community:

Cooperative Ecology, Fixing Oil Spill Response Systems

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A Call for a Twenty-First Century Solution in Oil Spill Response

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World Pipelines Magazine-Spill Solutions

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See Washington Post article*–spills appear to be very profitable for clean up companies. 


Co-Eco References:

Wash Post Article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/energy-environment/top-20-onshore-us-petroleum-spills-since-2010/2017/11/17/f2ba1bc0-cbe9-11e7-b506-8a10ed11ecf5_story.html?utm_term=.325fd8f14cb0