Yvette Taylor

Yvette Taylor – Our International headquarters are in Durban South Africa, ably lead by Yvette Taylor.  Before coming on board with LAEO as our International Executive Director, she worked for many years in both municipal and private sectors as a certified Town and Regional Planner, and is trained and experienced in sales, marketing, administration, business development and personnel training having advanced to the position of Executive Director previously in a Durban-based community betterment non-profit.

Since Dr. Anthony passed away, Yvette has worked intensively to safeguard and forward the work he began in 1) creating community wildlife preserves with and for the benefit of the local indigenous peoples and the wildlife, 2) effectively raising awareness of the plight of rhinos through media, 3) partnering with and fundraising to cover expenses necessary to keep anti-poaching helicopters in the air, 4) the implementation of environmental education workshops and materials to thousands of school children in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and 5) increasing the numbers of our chapters around the world.