Lito Avloniti is an established and accomplished designer. She has created art to further humanitarian causes in the field of human rights, drug prevention and Cooperative Ecology®. Her art is in use in over 2,900 schools and in 170 countries where several million copies of her work have been distributed to educate and aid those whose rights were violated or who were affected by drug proliferation. She has worked with numerous non-profit organizations and government agencies such as the School Safety Police and the General Prosecutor’s Office in Mexico, the Los Angeles Sheriff Department and HITDA, a branch in the Executive Office of the U.S. President. She also has created art for A-list celebrities in the movie industry that embrace humanitarian causes. She has an innate appreciation of the acute urgency to effectively deal with environmental destruction in a fashion that also enhances human life and prosperity. Her valuable skill and ability to bring subjects to life through aesthetics are a vital asset to LAEO’s mission.