While in college and law school Jeanne volunteered much of her time to non-profits and a veterinary clinic, working tirelessly to oppose vivisection, protect our environment and wild habitats, rescue horses and donkeys, and to change the laws in Washington state so that animal cruelty became (and is now) a felony. Upon graduating from law school at University of Memphis, TN, Jeanne moved to Washington state to practice environmental law. She went to work for the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney and eventually wound up at EPA where she was an Assistant Regional Counsel for approximately 10 years. In the early 1990s, Jeanne transferred to the EPA Suspension and Debarment Division where she handled cases for EPA Regions 8 and 10 (CO, ND, SD, MT, Utah, WY, WA, AK, OR and ID) overseeing governmental grantees and contractors.

Retiring after 25 years with EPA, Jeanne followed her lifelong passion for the care and protection of animals and is currently the President of the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center and an Advisor to the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO).