Oceans Adventures — interview with a parent

In our last blog, one of our teens described his Oceans Adventures experience.  Here’s what his mother said about it:

What made you decide to enroll your son in the Oceans Adventures program?

It looked like a great summer activity for my son, both educational and challenging (being in a sailing environment).  I thought the two-week length of the trip would be long enough for him to immerse himself but not so long that if he didn’t enjoy himself it would be a problem; it was the perfect amount of time for a summer trip. And it was being offered by people I completely trusted, with a curriculum that looked very good—some education along with physical activity—and the size of the group was small enough so he wouldn’t get lost in a crowd. I felt that the location and environment would be different enough to provide a good growing, developmental experience, where he’d gain independence and discipline while having fun.

Was there anything different you noticed about him after his adventure?

Afterwards he was much more confident and independent. He felt like he was a world traveler because he could get himself from point A to point B—it was so far away, it was a very maturing type of experience. He’s much more comfortable doing independent activities, such as going on outings without parental guidance. He can think on his feet more and deal with situations better.

What would you tell another parent who is considering enrolling their child in the Oceans Adventures program?

I would highly, highly recommend it for any teen who needs or loves a challenge, likes to explore, and likes to learn new things. It’s an excellent value, and a very good and ethical group with a good purpose. As a teacher, I would recommend it as a great summer activity and to promote it to anyone who’s active and outgoing who needs more to do; can’t get enough good activities for kids like that!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Oceans Adventures programs for summer and fall, call 818 330 9528 or email virginia@theearthorganization.org.