Major Water Clean Up of Oil Spill on a Lake in Panama

Oil Spill Clean Up Technology-Bioremediation EA Category-OSE II is about to revolutionize oil spill response in Panama. Watch the incredible action on an oil spill that has covered this small lake. No one has been able to find workable technology for cleaning it up until now! In fact, the Marine Management authorities have been searching to find a solution for five years to no avail. This water clean up technology works.

Drone Video captures application of oil spill clean up technology OSE II in action: See Drone Video Demonstration below:

We are proud to be associated with this great work! See our educational publications on this subject below: (Click on titles to download)

Cooperative Ecology-Fixing Oil Spill Response Systems

Assessing Oil Spill Response Tools

A Call for a Twenty-First-Century Solution in Oil Spill Response

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization works to bring forth technologies like this that can be utilized to clean up and remove chemical pollutants from our environment. The technology exists! The Gulf of Mexico 2010 oil spill is an example of perpetuation of bad science–EPA science that endorses toxic chemicals for oil spill clean up!  There is a better way forward.