Dianne Sloan, Boston MA

I have always heard horrendous stories of how harried, rushed and intensely-scheduled group tours usually are from dawn to dusk, mostly traveling from place to place. This certainly was not the case with Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization trip; the people who organized this trip made sure your every wish was granted in Africa.
Included in the Eco Safari was the unique chance to visit a nearby Zulu orphanage and daycare center. This is a part of the trip that I had been looking forward to since signing up for the trip. It was even more than I had expected. It is one of the ways that they give back to the Zulu community and it begins to spread word throughout Africa of the important work it is doing. We brought gifts of clothes and colorful toys that indeed left them excited and wide-eyed. The most fun for me was having a moment to play with them and hearing their huge screams of laughter from their small bodies.

A couple of mornings our Eco Safari host talked to us about endangered species and the effects of pollution. We even each made a list of a personal plan of action that we could start when we returned home. This is what makes The Earth Organization Eco Safari truly unique from any other vacation that I have ever heard of or seen.

The Eco-Safari I would strongly recommend. You might ask who should go on this trip of a lifetime? To answer: those of you who want an adventure; those of you who want a romantic getaway with a twist; those who have never been to Africa and want a safe but thrilling introduction; and those who have been to Africa many times before but want a new experience that will match up with the best you have ever experienced — and even beyond.