Elephant Whisperer- A Great Holiday Gift!

The Elephant Whisperer Book Club – A Great Gift! 

We’d like your help in introducing our organization to your friends and associates.


Testimonials show that people from all walks of life thoroughly enjoy each of Lawrence’s bestselling books – powerful true stories of his extraordinary efforts to reverse the decline of animal and plant life on Earth. Conveyed through his humorous wit, his dedication and effectiveness for making the world a better place for all life has raised awareness and inspired millions of people to be more thoughtful in their daily life choices.

This simple package combines one of Lawrence’s books with a 3-month membership in the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. The recipient will additionally receive our newsletters and action alerts to introduce them to our good works.

To make your Elephant Whisperer $50.00 gift purchase, Order Here!

Because, None Survive Alone!









*Note: Our cost for books, sales tax, shipping and handling is $25.00. 100% of remaining proceeds are allocated to our environmental solutions programs.