Capt. Scott Rhoads has captained and/or sailed on a wide range of power yachts, sailing boats and commercial vessels over the last thirty years establishing an unusually extensive range of skills and experience across most of the oceans of the world. For over two decades he has been leading life-changing adventure programs to help expand the horizons of participating teens.

Over the last 20 years, he has worked with youth from grade school students to teens and young adults while running summer camps at his own marina/camp facility in the Sequoia National Forest, for several thousand kids including Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. Capt. Scott and his crew delivered a summer camp and after school program for the local Boys & Girls Club (BGC), as well, in coordination with BGC leaders, at his facility and aboard his vessels.

While running these programs Capt. Scott saw the need for a fresh view of teaching and tutoring many of the students that visited his programs to better prepare them for the constantly changing challenges of the modern world, and thus, he created a high school and tutoring program to fill this void.

As Capt. Scott’s programs expanded, he established a sea-based school aboard vessels that ranged from small sailing boats to larger sailing ships over 100 feet long with international traveling capacity. Capt. When the program outgrew his former camp, he moved to the Caribbean as a primary base from which to operate. From the expanding array of projects and adventures that Capt. Scott was leading from these vessels and his excursions ashore was born the Ultimate Adventure Academy (UAA).

UAA now provides a fully-accredited high school education to teenagers, while expanding  and changing their lives in ways that only adventures on an international stage can do while maintaining a perfect safety record for over 20 years. This is a very rare distinction and speaks highly of the way that the program has been run and has been matched by no other international education program, to date.

Capt. Scott also leads his students ashore doing good works for locals including tutoring local children, assistance with building projects, delivery of medical and other supplies and many, many other valuable activities that have truly made a difference for the peoples who have benefited by their interaction with the Ultimate Adventure Academy.

Heave Ho! with Capt. Scott

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization in coordination with Capt. Scott is offering spectacular, 1 to 3-week long Summer Camp adventures between June and October of 2018 in Southern California for groups of a minimum of 6 people.

Capt. Scott keeps his student groups to no more than 5 students to 1 instructor or staff member so that he and his staff can maintain a personal commitment to the students and their future goals. With smaller class sizes, Capt. Scott and his staff are able to assist students in reevaluating some of the past solutions that some of the students have been using to handle the challenges of modern life. Participating in the daily life aboard ship, away from the noise and confusion of the more modern world, has helped hundreds of students to chart a successful course for their future. Life is an adventure – your education should be too!

If you are interested, we recommend you request an Information and Application Pack as early as possible in advance of your hoped-for time on board. We are selective about the students we take and recommend you send in your application form as early as possible. If you do not currently qualify to participate, there may be actions you can take to become qualified and we recommend you begin the process sooner rather than later to have the best chance of participating in our program.

Chart your course to a more exciting future!

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