Thula Thula Medicine Man

zulu medicine man at the Thula Thula eco-safariAbove: One of our safari travelers interacting with a local Zulu medicine man.

The two of them really hit it off and had great fun together doing a mock battle. The medicine man also tells your fortune.  He has a bag full of shells, rocks, and bones, and he has you blow into it and then he tosses the contents on a blanket on the ground.  You sit across from him and, without you saying anything at first, he looks at what hes thrown and tells you what he sees.  It is fascinating.  To some of our travelers hes said things like “You’re going to live a long life” and they think “Yeah, right, blah blah blah.” To others, he has said things that blew their socks off.  For example, one day he told a young woman, “Your grandfather on your fathers side is very proud of you that you have come here.” Her jaw dropped. She had never told anyone that a few days before her grandfather on her fathers side passed away, he told her “I know how much you want to go to Africa.  Make sure you do that!” There is magic on our safaris!

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