CoEco Visionary

Forest - tall trees

A CoEco Visionary is helping to bring about a steady improvement for life forms and the material world through their generous donation in support of our work to bring about a “New Age of Constructive Decision Making”.  Their generosity helps to inspire others to lend their shoulder to the wheel in this vitally important endeavor to bring the world back into better balance and a more cooperative existence.  Helping to broadly spread the concept of Cooperative Ecology, through practical and effective projects and educational campaigns may be one of the only guarantees that humanity will be able to reverse the current steep decline of our environment, and the Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

Note: The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization is an IRS registered 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit. Use our Federal Tax ID number (FEIN) 20-1832617. Consult with your own accountant or tax professional as to how tax-deductible donations apply to you.