Destructive “Science:” No Regard for Ocean Life?

Here’s an image and quote from Sputnik News that illustrates the true state of affairs re U.S. government natural resource caretakers falling down on the job. We all must insist upon effective and pro-survival science!

Re: BP Gulf Oil Spill:

“There simply was no tried and true method for fixing accidents like this as there was no prior experience with deep sea drilling on this level. Several attempts were made and failed, some novel approaches were proposed, including nuclear bombing, until eventually the seafloor blowout was sealed. Cleanup efforts were reported by BP as complete on 15 April 2014, although the United States Coast Guard stated that a lot of work still remained. Elizabeth Birnbaum, who served as Director of the Minerals Management Service in the United States, together with Jacqueline Savitz, vice President for U.S. Oceans, together penned an opinion piece for the New York Times, noting the dangerous ongoing trend.”

“This continuing threat to the oceans is compounded by the administration’s recent proposal to allow the use of seismic air guns to search for oil along the Atlantic coast. Scientists use these blasts to map the subsurface of the seafloor. But they harm a wide range of species, and the Interior Department’s own analysis indicates that they may kill large numbers of dolphins and whales. Rather than waiting for pending scientific guidelines that would determine whether this acoustic testing could be done safely, the administration has rushed to allow the oil industry to move forward.”

This is government at its worst, supporting destructive science.

Cooperative Ecology Science is the only lawful path that can be taken. To quote the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization:

“Whether sciences bring about a steady improvement for life forms and the material world or whether they create imbalances determines to what degree the sciences themselves are cooperating with life and thereby, their relative value.”

Any activity that calls itself science-based that has non-survival end points is a utter failure in science.