Deepwater Horizon: A Critique

I wanted to share this Linked In post from John A. Turley a distinguished professor in the field of petroleum engineering and member of our Advisory Board.  While this communication is mainly for oil and gas drilling professionals, it will also give valuable insight to DWH Movie goers interested in more details about this incident.

dwhposterThe following may be applicable to keeping your current job or your next job interview.

I saw the movie “DEEPWATER HORIZON” on opening day, 30 September 2016. My emotions are mixed, none involving humor. YES, the movie is a great vicarious thriller, perhaps worthy of an Academy Award. YES, a noteworthy cast of characters playing named wellsite leaders will shock the viewer with conflicting and disturbing decisions as the clock ticks down. YES, the audience will live through end-of-world special effects about the lethal disastrous blowout that should not have happened. YES, the movie treats with great respect those who survived and the eleven who died.

But NO, an abundance of ambiguous technical snippets, both verbal and visual, do little to inform those in our industry who WANT and NEED to know the answer to . . . What caused the blowout?

As a 2015-16 Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Distinguished Lecturer on the CAUSE of the Macondo blowout, my passion is to ensure every member of our industry learns from and works toward never allowing a repeat of the catastrophe. I trust you will see the movie, but I invite you to also read: The Simple Truth: BP’s Macondo Blowout. The book focuses on the CAUSE of the disaster (no politics, no hearsay, no finger pointing, no Hollywood).

Borrow the book from your colleague or the library, or get it from


“Only if we understand and care about the cause of the Macondo blowout—one of the most lethal, costly, man-made, environmental disasters in U.S. history—will we know why it should not have happened and why it should never happen again.” John A. Turley – Author

We so admire and appreciate John A. Turley’s work to pass on his knowledge to the many professionals in the Petroleum Industry. His book: The Simple Truth teaches the lessons learned from the Deepwater Horizon disaster and provides constructive analysis and valuable insight for petroleum engineers. It is also entertaining and educational for anyone who wishes to truly understand precisely what happened preceding and during those final hours.

John has served on the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization Advisory Board since 2013 and is an amazing supporter of LAEO’s work to bring better technology to and raise standards in oil spill response systems. He provided invaluable guidance for our publication: A Call for a Twenty First Century in Oil Spill Response.

In late 2014, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) appointed Turley to be an SPE Distinguished Lecturer for 2015-16, wherein he will present his topic to SPE members around the world.  John’s presentation will carry the title: “Assessing and Applying Petroleum Engineering Data from the 2010 Macondo Blowout.”

We encourage everyone in this industry to access the information on his website and read his book The Simple Truth at


A Call for a Twenty First Century in Oil Spill Response.