Animas River Toxic Spill—Another Blunder in Judgment

How many environmental blunders are we/you going to put up with?

If you haven’t heard or seen this story which is making major headlines, do get informed. NPR and other major media have reported on the US Environmental Agency’s blunder ending up in the release of 3 Million Gallons of toxic mine waste water turning rivers in 3 U.S. states bright yellow!  Beware of claims that the “rivers have been brought back to pre-spill conditions”. This is EPA-speak that doesn’t take into account WHERE the toxic spill ends up, like lakes and the ocean? There are thousands of unstable abandoned mines and no solutions.

The U.S. EPA and other health agencies should be desperately looking for technology and solutions for removing toxic chemicals from our waters. Instead, they continue to spend our tax dollars defending their image in political engagements and putting out ‘policy’ that does not fix these problems!

And now Canada is joining the U.S. EPA  in support of bad oil spill clean up planning. Environment Canada just endorsed toxic chemicals to be used by oil companies drilling deep-water oil wells in Nova Scotia! A report submitted on that is here:

 Nova Scotia Canada Coast is at stake!!

LAEO’s Science and Technology Committee compiled a documentation package with irrefutible science supporting a special category of bioremediation technology (called: Enzyme Additive Category-Oil Spill Eater II) that far exceeds other water clean up methods, but .gov agencies keep endorsing and rolling out the red carpet for toxic oil dispersants.

When this documentation was submitted to help improve the system, government officials responsible for enforcing the Clean Water Act (CWA), (which mandates that the responsible party for a spill fully remove their spill–obvious), the facts were ignored.  Instead they stonewalled our offer of assistance and criticized the information and played favoritism to industry-tainted ‘guidance’ using tax payer dollars to publish and distribute false data. That same tainted “science guidance” establishes policy and regulations that, in practice, serve to dupe decision-makers and block the use of better technology for oil spill clean up while promoting extremely toxic chemicals be used on deepwater drilling oil spills.

Amazing but true!  You can see details in a recent submissions made to California lawmakers by LAEO in an earlier blog report posted here.