Time To Get Serious About Water!

Water–A Fundamental Human Right!

This is Part I of a series of articles and blogs we will be sharing with you about WATER; protecting it and making it available to all life, and, eliminating the fear of its scarcity forever.

There is growing excitement at the U.S. Headquarters of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization about our expanding water protection and preservation programs. You have heard much about our projects for cleaning ocean and fresh water environments that are trending towards irreversibly toxic because of repeated and cumulative oil and hazardous chemicals spills.

Oil Spill Flowing Down River Towards the Ocean

Oil Spill Flowing Down River Towards the Ocean

We researched, identified potential remedies, and over the past five years have worked hard to implement effective water clean-up solutions. And by working with industry and all parties, effective clean-ups are happening!   We have advocated for and published materials on a unique bioremediation technology that for the first time in spill history, is now strongly in position to restore some of the worst festering spill sites in the world.  In fact, heavily polluted Rio Bay in Brazil is about to be restored after decades of ‘no solutions’.  And in Colombia, (see photo at left) a river flowing with oil is being restored.  As we continue to make breakthroughs towards fully cleaning up some these most concerning locations we will keep you posted.

In the mean time, the first point we want to brief you on are the consequences of dwindling clean water supplies on the planet–a situation that represents one of the most critical social and environmental challenges of this century. Important also, is the identification of the sources and reasons for this, some being correct and some, wrongly identified causes that we will be evaluating further.  While there is ample evidence and educational materials describing the problem, we have selected an excellent summary covering our global water challenges to help put this situation in perspective for you.  Below is a superb film segment by Running Dry-A Chronicles Group Production. We thank and acknowledge them for this incredible work and view it as a needful catalyst for igniting a Cooperative Ecology movement towards the implementation of real solutions to our impending water crisis. Over the past few months, we have identified other clean water technology solutions that we believe will be significant and far reaching in water protections and preservation. We will release more information on these projects once we complete building the support organization for our science advisory teams launching the program.

To be part of the solution or to participate with our Science and Technology Committee and Water Technology Projects, contact: Diane@theearthorganization.org. Thank you!

And, by the way, did you know that elephants drink more than 50 gallons of water a day!  See Lawrence Anthony’s herd thriving on our game preserve–it is a wonderful sight, water bliss and happiness!!! See this growing family by clicking here.