The Thula Thula Baby Rhino Orphanage

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Above you can see one of our first new arrivals playing with his food bowl. This baby lost his mom to poachers and is just beginning to recover from the traumatic experience. The goal with all orphans is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Return to the Wild. The care of these Rhino’s is a 24/7 job, requiring expertise, patience and love.

One of the many tragic fallouts of the poaching crisis is the orphaned young rhinos that are left behind once the mothers have been killed. A rhino calf depends entirely on its mother for food and protection from predators. Losing its mother in infancy often has a deadly outcome for the calf.

In response to this need a unique partnership has been formed between The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO), Thula Thula private game reserve and the local communities represented by their respective chiefs and the Fundimvelo Community Conservation Trust.

Learn More:  Download our Rhino Orphanage Story here:  RhinoOrphangeLAEO

Our Mission: To reverse the decline of the plant and animal kingdoms and our environment through education and action. Because None Survive Alone.

Our work not only addresses endangered species like Rhinos and Elephants, but also focuses on Cooperative Ecology education and promoting and implementing effective technologies for removing chemical pollutants from Earth’s waters, a major situation threatening marine creatures and all life on earth.

Special Thanks goes to Four Paws for their financial support that made this Rhino Orphanage project possible.


by Elizabeth Funke

FourPaws has supported the Game Reserve Thula Thula and the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation in building an orphanage for Rhino babies.

Orphaned rhino babies are very sensitive, they can only survive without their mothers if they are intensively cared for.  Caretakers in the South African game reserve Thula Thula, therefore accompany the little ones round the clock. They play with them, sit with them and sleep next to them as their mothers would do. Three orphans are currently being cared for in the newly opened orphanage.

“Without FourPaws this would not have been possible” stated Elizabeth Funke, donor and friend of the organisation. “When I visited Thula Thula for the first time in 2013, the Game Reserve wanted to do more for the endangered rhino and had the idea to found an orphanage – the necessary funds however, were lacking. I wondered how we could help and spoke with Heli Dungler on the telephone, who then visited the Game Reserve himself and decided that FourPaws would completely support the building of an orphanage.  A little while ago I visited Thula Thula a second time and was amazed at everything that had been achieved – thanks to the generosity of the FourPaws donors.  Based on their own resources, the Game Reserve could not have achieved the same result”.