THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO GET INVOLVED AND SUPPORT OUR VITAL ENVIRONMENTAL AND CONSERVATION PROGRAMS! Below is a list of some suggested ways you can get involved: By just doing what you normally do, there are many ways you can support our vital environmental and conservation programs.


  • Become A Member

    Join our team by becoming an annual member, and receive our emailed news, updates and eco-education materials covering vital information for preserving earths waters, lands and life.

  • Donate

    Make a financial donation to ensure that our vital programs achieve their end goal of a decaying situation turned into a stably life-enhancing scene. When you donate to the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization you become part of Earth’s life support system, helping to forward our campaigns to bring effective solutions to environmental challenges, and helping to raise awareness of mankind’s vital partnership for survival with the natural world.

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor

          Corporate Sponsors can make a very valuable difference in       forwarding the progress of our charitable work.  If you’d like more information about how your company can show its dedication to helping to create a cleaner, safer, and flourishing environment for the health of all life, contact us at info@TheEarthOrganization.org.  Here are just some of our sponsors!







  • Come with us on one of our spectacular Eco Safaris to South Africa!

    You’ll have the trip of a lifetime and a portion of your fees will support our work in protecting wildlife around the world.


  • Shop on AmazonSmile!

    Take 1 minute to sign up on AmazonSmile and choose us as your charity. When you do, we’ll receive 0.5% of almost every purchase you make through Amazon. This can really add up and is very helpful.

  • Shop through iGive!

    Whenever you make a purchase, LAEO will receive a donation, with no extra cost to you.

  • Sell Your Stuff through eBay Giving Works

    When you shop or sell on eBay Giving Works, name The Earth Organization as your non-profit organization! When you list the items you buy and sell towards supporting LAEO, a portion of those funds are donated to us.  This not only helps us raise money, but it also gives us extra Internet exposure.

  • Support our Change Oil Spill Response Now!  Campaign.

     Get more educated and then lend your voice to one of the most important environmental and conservation issues of our time – the effective cleanup of large-scale, disastrous oil spills.  There were over 10,000 spills in U.S. navigable waters in 2018.  Most people have no idea that there are swift and effective solutions to truly cleaning these up, and, so far, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to allow highly toxic chemical dispersants to be used that increase the harmful impact of the spills. There are better solutions available.

  • Help us get the word out through social media marketing.  

    Want to help forward our campaigns by asking others to get involved using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?  Send an email to info@TheEarthOrganization.org and let us know how you feel you could help.

  • Help fundraise for our campaigns.

     If you have fundraising skills, send your resume to info@TheEarthOrganization.org and let us know what you’d like to do.  

  • Do you have other skills you’d like to use to support our campaigns?

     Send your ideas to info@TheEarthOrganization.org and let us know what you’d like to do.