lawrence_anthony_2Lawrence Anthony’s almost mythological relationship with a herd of wild elephants has inspired millions of people around the world. After bringing the traumatized and troublesome herd to his game reserve in South Africa, Lawrence lived with them 24/7 for 3 weeks, staying just out of their reach outside a large corral used to acclimate them to their new home. Every day he walked around the corral and talked and sang to them in an effort to get them to trust at least one human. To his surprise, one day everything changed.  All the herd’s hostility towards him turned off “like a light switch”, the matriarch adopted him as a friend, and the herd settled down in their new home.

After that, the herd somehow knew whenever he was away from the reserve. Every single time he returned from a trip, the herd would “magically” show up at his house that night to greet him. Although he was 300 miles away from the reserve the night he passed away, the herd perceived it and walked 12 miles to his home, in obvious distress, and then, as they do for other members of their herd when they die, they mourned him for several days.

Equally if not even more extraordinary, they have returned to his home every year for the past 5 years on the anniversary of his death.

ELEPHANT-WHISPERER-USHis best-selling book, The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Bush tells the story of how this remarkable relationship occurred.

Purchasing the book from us, helps forward the work we are doing to achieve the goals that Lawrence envisioned.

Join us on one of our educational Eco Safaris to  South Africa where you’ll learn about the principles upon which Lawrence based his life’s work. More data here.

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