A great way to celebrate Earth Day and Earth Month!

*We need volunteers right now to help us ready our new ship for Environmental Educational Programs*

If you’ve been following our latest news, you will have heard that we have now partnered with Capt. Scott Rhoads, the founder of Adventure Academy, on the newly donated ship American Pride. We will be using the vessel for both marine research as well as the delivery of already fully accredited high school and college level courses for students who qualify for our programs, while the ship travels from port to port around the world. In addition to personalized curriculum programs based on their interests, students will be learning life skills, leadership skills, how to be a real team member, and sailing skills. Infused with our Cooperative Ecology philosophy, they will return with a far better understanding of their vital partnership with the natural world.

This beautiful, 130-foot schooner is currently moored in the Long Beach Harbor. We need as many volunteers as possible to donate time over the next month to ready the ship for our first launch.  No special skills required… just a willingness to help and an ability to take directions. With Earth Day coming up next Saturday, what a great way to celebrate the day with family and friends!

In a month or so, once the ship is ready, we’ll take all our volunteers out on an afternoon cruise and an on-board yummy picnic, and we’ll shoot off our canons to thank them for their contribution!!

If you can help, or for more information, contact one of the following:

      – Capt. Scott Rhoads – (760) 223-0628

      – Rochell Goodrich – (818) 415-5561

      – Barbara Wiseman – (818) 406-6321

If you know someone in the Los Angeles area who you think might enjoy giving us a hand, please forward this on and ask them to contact us immediately! We can take as many volunteers as want to help, and we need them right now! Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Prom Plus students, marine science students, boat lovers, Rotary Clubs, retired people, high school kids, anyone with a yearning for a lovely sea breeze and the pride of helping out… all are welcome.

Permission to come aboard, Mates!

Barbara Wiseman

International President

Lawrence Anthony Earth  Organization