EDUCATIONAL PAPER FOR OIL INDUSTRY AND GOVERNMENT: A Call for a Twenty-First-Century Solution in Oil Spill Response


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An important and fundamental principle in oil spill response was overlooked during and after the massive 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: The foremost reason one cleans up an oil/chemical spill is to remove the pollutants/ toxicity from the environment as rapidly as possible so that living organisms can survive. Highlighting the importance of this premise, the Science & Technology Advisory Board of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization compiled this research paper to dramatically change emphasis in oil spill contingency planning and the science and technology research priorities related to such. Utilizing this principle as a fundamental standard for oil spill cleanup guidance and policy establishes a valuable frame of reference by which one can evaluate response methods, (e.g., booming and containing using absorbents, mechanical recovery, in situ burning, chemical dispersants and other agents such as bioremediation) as to their effectiveness, safety and economic viability.

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