Eco Safari Package

$5,990.00 $4,460.00

Package Price:  $5,900.  25% discount available if deposit of $500/person is paid by April 30th, 2017 = $4,460!

Eco Safari Dates:

JUNE 17th to 28th, 2017

~ 13 nights in South Africa

~ 4 star accommodations at the exclusive, private wildlife preserve Thula Thula, and at Springbok Lodge in Kruger National Park, and the Protea Hotel in Capetown.

~ 3 meals per day at Thula Thula and Kruger National Park

~ breakfast and lunch each day (except arrival) in Cape Town

~ ground transport

~ in South Africa, domestic airfare

~ 2 wildlife viewing drives and/or bush walks per day while at Thula Thula and Kruger National Park

~ Tour guide and professional game rangers to ensure safety and comfort

~ Scheduled side trips to points of interest

~ One day of “voluntourism”, helping us improve the quality of life and environment for a local Zulu village

~ A portion of your trip is tax deductible as a donation to support our non-profit wildlife conservation work.

~ Does NOT include international air fare to and from South Africa

Contact Ro Goodrich for more information:
(818) 550-9528


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    It was an incredible experience to learn about the significant efforts The Earth Organization is involved in to preserve our plant and animal kingdom, and how we can relate this back to our work place, and how these efforts relate back to what we do on a day-to-day basis as business leaders and business operators. It was a pleasure to hear about Lawrence Anthony’s, courageous acts to save animals throughout the world. It was awe-inspiring. We didn’t know what to expect on our trip, but it far exceeded our highest expectations. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. Thula Thula is a magnificent game preserve which provided us with up-close experiences with wild animals that would not be expected in a typical game preserve. The accommodations were exceptional for being located in the middle of a wild game preserve. – Rod Davis – CEO – Dominican Hospitals, Henderson, NV

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    I have always heard horrendous stories of how harried, rushed and intensely-scheduled group tours usually are from dawn to dusk, mostly traveling from place to place. This certainly was not the case with Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization trip; the people who organized this trip made sure your every wish was granted in Africa.
    Included in the Eco Safari was the unique chance to visit a nearby Zulu orphanage and daycare center. This is a part of the trip that I had been looking forward to since signing up for the trip. It was even more than I had expected.  It is one of the ways that they give back to the Zulu community and it begins to spread word throughout Africa of the important work it is doing. We brought gifts of clothes and colorful toys that indeed left them excited and wide-eyed.  The most fun for me was having a moment to play with them and hearing their huge screams of laughter from their small bodies.
    A couple of mornings our Eco Safari host talked to us about endangered species and the effects of pollution. We even each made a list of a personal plan of action that we could start when we returned home. This is what makes The Earth Organization Eco Safari truly unique from any other vacation that I have ever heard of or seen.
    The Eco-Safari I would strongly recommend.  You might ask who should go on this trip of a lifetime?  To answer: those of you who want an adventure; those of you who want a romantic getaway with a twist; those who have never been to Africa and want a safe but thrilling introduction; and those who have been to Africa many times before but want a new experience that will match up with the best you have ever experienced — and even beyond.
                                        – Dianne Sloan – Boston, MA

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    Thula Thula is AWESOME! Wow! The Earth Organization’s Eco Safari at the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Being where you can touch and feel nature makes you take a look at the direction the world is headed, and look at what changes you can make in your life to make sure it goes in a positive direction. Just a couple of quick highlights — each day was an incredibly spiritual event. I am so glad I was able to make the most of this experience. The people and the animals at Thula Thula are the best! – Jane Mauer – Vice President, Allied North America

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    I loved every moment of the Eco Safari, everything was extremely beautiful and peaceful, and it was a life changing experience. It was very inspiring! I’ve come away with such a deep passion and respect for the environment, and nature in general. The seminars were extremely effective in opening my eyes and helping me realize the things I can do to help save the world I live in. The Eco Safari was amazing, everyone was so friendly and nice, and I am very grateful for this experience!

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    The Earth Organization’s Eco Safari… was a life-changing experience.  I am an avid traveler; I’ve been many places in the world. But what I experienced at Thula Thula was far beyond my expectations. It was a very emotional experience and it changed the way I look at things. At Thula Thula, we certainly were not roughing it!  The staff were incredible, and the accommodations were definitely upper-end.  The game rangers had such a wealth of knowledge and were as interested in us and what they could give to us, as we were in them. It was an inspiration to see how Thula Thula gives back to their local community. It is a place where you can escape and really be away from everything, in a completely different environment.
    – Mary Beth Hartleb – President – PRISM

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    This was definitely a life changing experience!  I’ve never considered myself an environmentalist – but being that close to animals and nature, seeing the beauty of it all, and considering the tragedy it would be to lose that for future generations, made me one.  It raised my awareness so that I want to be involved so much more now.

    It was an amazing journey both physically, spiritually and mentally and it will never leave me.
    – Marika Shedeck – Phoenix, AZ

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    The decision to write that essay for The Earth Organization’s environmental essay contest was the best decision I have ever made because my new memories and experiences from my trip to South Africa are priceless and everlasting. I remember when my family and I met Marco which may be one of the nicest people in the world, who showed us around the city. I remember sleeping at Woodhall Guesthouse with all the windows wide open as to invite in the warm night air as well as the sound of the insects singing. I remember Zip lining a hundred feet above the forest floor and feeling the mist from the gushing waterfall. And finally I remember the day that I drove through the village to Thula Thula as kids ran after the car smiling, waving and yelling “Sawubona!”. I even fell in love with a fury little Bush baby named George that enjoyed running onto the dinner table and stealing your food. But when I took my first game drive and saw a prideful and majestic African Elephant, it instantly became the highlight of the trip. I’ve never seen one so close and so free in my life. If I could, I would have just sat there and simply watched it eat for hours. I was also amazed to see eccentric baboons jumping and singing from branch to branch, a cute little dung beetle rolling his dung ball on the grass, curious Giraffes that stare at you from a mile off, and a baby Rhino that instantly adored you if you rub his tummy. My whole trip to South Africa can only be described as “life changing”. When I came back to the US, I felt refreshed and new. I was ready to dive back into high school and take on my final exams. And as I go day to day, I carry memories with me that make me smile and burst out singing “shoo-sho-lo-za” and remember all the wonderful people that I met on my wild adventure in Africa.
      Mariah Fisher-Kendrick
    High School LAEO Essay Contest Winner

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    For us, the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s Eco Safari was a dream come true! Thula Thula was a real adventure! Meeting the elephants and rhinos on the game drives was truly remarkable! We loved every minute of it and think of it as one of the highlights of our life. Rochell and her team did an excellent job of helping us explore various areas of the country. By the time we were done, we felt we had gotten a real taste of Africa. The Safari was a true pleasure moment for both of us and it was also extremely educational. We are both so glad we had this experience and highly recommend it. ~ Abby and George Malnati

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