Robert Gourlay

Robert Gourlay is our Senior Technical Consultant. He received his Master’s in Applied Science from the University of Canberra in 1989. He was co-founder and Director of Australian-based Environmental Research and Information Consortium (ERIC) since 1992. Mr. Gourlay developed advanced techniques for locating abundant, fresh, high-quality water, including outside of the conventional hydrological cycle. He has sited over 1,500 water wells in Australia and abroad (often when others had repeatedly failed, he was called in to rescue the operation), and he has developed and pioneered world-leading techniques in the use of airborne radiometric data for mapping salinity, other soil properties, water and minerals. Gourlay has extensive environmental field experience specializing in biological research, resource assessment, and management. He has researched water structure, invented water restructuring devices, and developed biological formulations for soils, plants, water, air odor, and animal and human probiotics.