• Author – Instructional Designer – Co-Founder of Blue Planet Groupe, & Refounding a BOLD America.
  • Activist in health care and social, economic, environmental sustainability challenges and adaptability.
  • Merlin’s focus is on the fundamentals of Societies and Civilization – Water/Food-Agriculture/Health and Education and has a Massive Transformative Purpose to engage youth, community and business leaders in “building smart communities and a more evolved world from the bottom up.”
  • Merlin is a new water scientist and is credited with creating a new category of “functional” and wellness water for the bottled water industry in the mid 90’s. He is the co-author of a new book The Water Solution which introduces technology capable of solving global water scarcity. He is also committed to disrupting the existing bottled water industry by improving its quality, its delivery and by replacing plastic packaging with a zero-carbon, plant-based compostable packaging.
  • Member of Smart Growth America, U.S Water Alliance and Escape Fire • USA – the Fight to Rescue American Health
  • Member and Active Participant in the Singularity University HUB group that is advancing the Exponential Growth of Information Technology.

Trained as an educator and in instructional design, Merlin is credited with re-inventing the educational text book in 1973 and from 73-90 published interactive and graphic-based social studies, science and reading/language arts materials for grades k-12 in the US and Canada. Merlin understands the fundamentals and nature of learning and is committed to the advancement of 21st Century education and lifelong learning in our nation’s schools, organizations and communities. His love for nature and commitment to the stewardship of our Blue and Water Planet is the central theme of his vision for business and humanitarian endeavors 2016 and beyond.