Dr. Adams has conducted fieldwork in both the Canadian western and eastern Arctic and has visited the Arctic on many occasions and participated in Arctic exercises of the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) and is familiar with these regions. He has worked on Arctic science specializing in lake and sea ice properties including physical and biological.  He was a research scientist with Environment Canada where he participated as a principal investigator in the Beaufort Sea Project experimental oil spill trials in the Beaufort Sea.

Bill also acts as a Chief Technical Advisor in the Electric Car industry, he was a senior advisor for the International Energy Agency Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Exploratory Battery and Supercapacitor Research Program

More recently, he was responsible for directing the Defence Science Advisory Board (DSAB), a private sector body that reports to the Deputy Minister and Chief of Defence Staff at DND, on developments in the area of Arctic related studies.

Dr. Adams is currently VP, Strategic Planning for RESTCO that was formed in 2010 (see www.restco.ca). RESTCO has been actively working to identify and commercialize oil spill remediation technologies especially for Arctic conditions. Dr Adams is the Canadian Lead for the Environmental Monitoring Working Group of the Arctic Operations standards program of the International Standards Organization. Dr. Adams is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization.