Civilization’s Carbon Footprint is Part of a Larger Issue: Our Chemical & Waste Footprint

Of the many life forms on Planet Earth, only humanity can solve the problems created by humanity. The scope and speed of advance of technology used to enhance humankind’s economic and social conditions is overwhelming Nature’s ability to adapt to the change. We must develop equally advanced technologies for the preservation and protection of Earth’s now disappearing eco systems. The fact is, there are very real solutions that already exist to the most major environmental challenges; they just need to be implemented with a view to choosing those that will truly reverse the decaying situations, not ones that demonstrably create new problems when implemented.

With toxic emissions and discharges of seemingly endless array, humankind is having a negative impact on the health and potential long-term survival of all life on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of harmful chemicals and unnecessary pollutants are used in every imaginable industrial production activity and manufacturing process throughout the world. Through industrial chemistry, the unnatural and forced merging of nature’s already well-designed molecules, which results in toxic byproducts, is something we need to swiftly find solutions and replacements for. Over many years, various combinations of synthetic chemicals in toxic concentrations have incessantly flowed into Earth’s waters and atmosphere, compounding negative impacts and overloading nature’s filtering and cleaning systems. Those knowledgeable people in science and technology who are at the helm of this —the technology navigators—must be careful not to steer us into oblivion.

Addressing all these issues is a massive undertaking. One simple, yet very powerful solution is to identify and replace harmful chemicals with non-toxic compounds or processes. Called Green Chemistry, this vitally important, developing field is proving to be very promising, and we strongly recommend and encourage that anyone in a decision-making position do their part to see that each new, improved green chemical replace antiquated, toxic chemicals. Each time this occurs, it will play out in a circular fashion of ever-improving quality at every possible level of life.
LAEO strongly encourages everyone to participate in a more Cooperative Ecology approach to dealing with these issues; in other words, approaching these issues from the viewpoint of life assisting life, instead of life conflicting with life.

We are working to bring this about along side many other groups and organizations such as Northwest Green Chemistry, who set a sterling example of taking effective action to solve one chemical at a time. (See our Green Chemistry Page under our Environmental Solutions Hub.)

More help, more awareness, more dollars and more training in Green Chemistry will speed up the process.

Your future survival and your children’s survival depend upon the success of this campaign.

There is still time to fix this problem. We invite you to join us by becoming a member today, and in whatever way you can, work with us to forward the Cooperative Ecology Movement.

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