Barbara Wiseman — International President and U.S Executive Director

bwisemanOver the past 40 years, Barbara Wiseman has worked with a variety of international organizations, from helping displaced refugees to resettle in their new American homes, to introducing effective management technology to business and government leaders in Russia and Mexico. Additionally, she had a national radio program for 7 years called Building a Better World, bringing effective, down-to-earth solutions for life’s challenges to listeners all around the U.S.

In 2003, Barbara was the Executive Director of a management-consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA when Dr. Anthony invited her to help him create The Earth Organization. Assuming both the roles of International President and U.S. Executive Director, she worked closely with him to set the course of the organization and expand its reach around the world.  Since Dr. Anthony passed away in 2012, she and Yvette Taylor have taken the reins and continue to guide and expand the organization’s reach and impact.

Yvette Taylor — International Executive Director

yvetteOur International headquarters are in Durban South Africa, ably lead by Yvette Taylor.  Before coming on board with LAEO as our International Executive Director, she worked for many years in both municipal and private sectors as a certified Town and Regional Planner, and is trained and experienced in sales, marketing, administration, business development and personnel training having advanced to the position of Executive Director previously in a Durban-based community betterment non-profit.

Since Dr. Anthony passed away, Yvette has worked intensively to safeguard and forward the work he began in 1) creating community wildlife preserves with and for the benefit of the local indigenous peoples and the wildlife, 2) effectively raising awareness of the plight of rhinos through media, 3) partnering with and fundraising to cover expenses necessary to keep anti-poaching helicopters in the air, 4) the implementation of environmental education workshops and materials to thousands of school children in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and 5) increasing the numbers of our chapters around the world.

DIANE WAGENBRENNER — SVP Operations and Special Projects; Science and Tech Committee Coordinator


As LAEO’s acting Science and Technology Advisory Committee Coordinator and SVP, Diane has 30 years of experience as an executive, strategic communications and organization efficiency specialist. She has a wide range of management, public relations and marketing experience with public facing social betterment organizations as well as corporate environments. Having extensive experience advising senior level management and providing strategic planning, project management and solutions for overcoming public perception and other challenges, she has taken struggling groups and organizations as well as going concerns into higher levels of productivity, purposeful action and accelerated expansion. Diane also has a record in managing a global network of account management teams and an ability to effectively direct employees towards achieving tangible and meaningful actions and products.


genie-frankelGenie brings over 35 years knowledge and experience in financial management of both for profit and non-profit organizations to LAEO.

US Board of Directors

Ray McKay – Chairman

Ray-board1-298x300Ray, president of a successful Los Angeles marketing company, brings his experience and expertise in marketing, promotion, Internet presence and public relations to the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. He brings strong management, marketing, and public relations experience to an area of passion: ecological and environmental issues.

Roberta Perry – Secretary

Roberta PerryRoberta has been a key personality in the development and growth of the themed entertainment and leisure entertainment industries for more than 20 years, having held vice presidential positions at 20th Century Fox, iWerks Entertainment, and Edwards Technologies, Inc. She brings her valuable marketing, public relations and industry board experience to LAEO.

Stan Gerson – Board Member

stanwithlawrenceMr. Gerson is a successful international businessman specializing in real estate transactions. He brings to LAEO comprehensive administrative, financial and fundraising skills in addition to his considerable experience in dealing with property issues as they relate to contaminated and polluted soil and water.

Marla Martinez, Esq. – Board Member

Graduating from University of Southern California Law School, Marla has practiced law in the state of California for 36 years. She has helped to guide our organization through the various legal requirements set for non-profit organizations.

Joy Tessman – Board Member

joy-tessmanWith a 12-year teaching background both in the U.S. and other countries, and having developed a successful and innovative pilot program exploring global ethics and environmental studies, Joy was honored in 2003 with the prestigious Who’s Who of American Teachers Award. Wanting to reach out far beyond the limits of her classrooms, she created a film company called BolderVision Films.

Early on, her passion for the environment lead her to work as a legislative aide, focusing on environmental issues. During that time she attended the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil and met with top leaders in the environmental movement and U.S. environmental policy. She also helped implement mandatory Environmental Education in the curriculum of the State of California.

When not teaching, Joy’s background as a photographer, photojournalist, and extreme sports athlete landed her in the heart of Siberia as the US Team Leader of a tri-cultural (Russian, Japanese, and U.S.) river expedition on the endangered Katun River in the Altal region of central Siberia. The expedition was to bring attention to a proposed dam project. She went on to cover the historic Soviet Coup that took place shortly after her river trip in 1991. Her stunning photographs of “the Threee Days That Shook the World”, together with a 45-minute documentary based on her pictures and recordings of the event brought great attention to her work both as a photojournalist and filmmaker.

In 1993, Joy left the classroom to pursue documentary film and photography full time. She and her husband, photographer Barry Tessman, set out to explore indigenous cultures in Sibera, the new Russian Republics, Northern Pakistan, Western China, and India.

After the tragic loss of her husband, Joy has gone on to become a successful and award-winning film producer and photographer, with her photographic work now represented by National Geographic Image Sales.

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