We have a variety of different sailing vessels available to us, depending on where our program is operating at any given time.  Here are just some examples:

The FREE SPIRIT— a 78-foot, custom built, single-masted, 78 foot yacht built in 1978, which had a $750,000 complete restoration in 2012. This award-winning beauty has a galley, salons that have three eating/study table areas, and five different staterooms that can sleep up to 12 in beds (but usually in the tropics, kids like to sleep on the deck under the stars!).

The FREE SPIRIT carries on its deck a small 12-foot–long, high-performance inflatable boat or dinghy, with a rigid bottom, which is used for local running around and just plain old fun.








GERONTIUS— a 42-foot ocean racer sailboat designed by Bruce Farr and built in 1975, moored in Oahu, Hawaii.  We’ll have fun learning to sail this two-time state champion racer and participating in the Friday night races on the north shore of Oahu.  Gerontius holds up to 12 while racing.  In Hawaii, we don’t sleep on the boat; our non-sailing activities will be land-based and we’ll sleep on shore in a hostel or rented house, depending on the size of our group.


The RHEA – Depending on the size of our group, we lease vessels such as the Rhea, a gorgeously restored 92-foot, hundred-year-old, two-masted schooner (“tall ship’).  This is just one of several ships available for our use.

Very comfortable inside cabins and living quarters!





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