Two-week adventure program, including exploration, snorkeling, hiking, sailing, learning about environmental issues and solutions and teamwork.

TUITION:  $3,800 for two weeks, not including airfare and incidentals.

(Call 818-330-9528 for bring-a-friend and group discounts!)



Live a life of ultimate adventure and travel while continuing your schooling, with our fully accredited curriculum done at your own pace, including any needed tutoring.
(Minimum 3 months, up to a 4-year high school program)

TUITION: $5,200 per month, not including airfare and incidentals.



High School graduates often have not, yet, worked out what they want to do with their lives, and, even if they have, sometimes don’t know how to go about achieving it. Capt. Scott and his crew will help you figure out what your own real goals and purposes are in life and you’ll come away with a strong sense of how to chart a course for your future and achieve it.  (Minimum 1 month)

TUITION for Gap year: $5,200 per month, not including airfare and incidentals.


Tuition fee:  Includes on-board housing and meals, all educational tuition and tutoring, and most incidental on-shore activity costs.  Does not include airfare, land lodging and meals and other travel expenses to and from the vessel before and after the scheduled adventure trip.  All students should plan on approx. $50-$100 USD pocket money for incidentals per week (see below).

Pocket money:   Students will need to pay for their own on-shore restaurant meals and souvenirs.  Also please plan on some extra cash for occasional larger activity expenses like $20 ferry fees, dive equipment rental if desired, $60 gliding costs in Hawaii, etc.   Normally the Captain tries to cover smaller costs, but sometimes the group decides they want to do extra activities such as horseback riding, bike rentals, ziplining, or take lessons (surf, stand-up paddle, glider, etc.) and the budget can’t cover it.  Then each student may need to pitch in.  Remember, this is an adventure trip— there’s no telling what cool thing might come up that the kids and their new buddies will want to do!  Be prepared!   So please have your child bring at least $50-100 per week for pocket money.  If requested, the Captain will hold this money for the student.

Registration forms:  Click here  to download a registration packet.


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