Special Programs for Scouts!


Are you a Sea Scout, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturing Scout?

How’d you like to learn to sail a 78-foot yacht or a tall ship schooner?  How about a two-time state champion racing sailboat?

Depending on when you join the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s on-board teen program, you’ll get a chance to try your hand with one or more of these beautiful vessels, taking turns running the boat under the direction of our very experienced Master Mariner (qualified to captain vessels on any ocean).  No prior experience is required—but if you’ve already done some sailing, you can put your existing skills into practice and learn even more!

This trip is an exceptional opportunity for some unique sailing experiences while visiting amazing places and doing tons of cool and adventurous new things.

  • Take turns doing every job on the boat, including skippering and being on watch (handling the boat at sea during a set time both at night and during the day), meal preparation and boat maintenance.
  • Practice seamanship in real life, including navigation, “rules of the road” and boat operation, including some related to merit badges.
  • Build on your Scouting teamwork and leadership skills.
  • All the while, you’ll be having great adventures!

This year’s Summer Camp is in Southern California!

Part of your experience will be looking at some of the environmental problems these areas face today and looking at possible remedies from the viewpoint of Cooperative Ecology™ (CoEco™) — working together with all the entities involved to come up with the best solutions that work for everyone involved.

Scout groups, Patrols, and Scout Ships of between 6 and 18 people can set their own schedule between June and October of 2018 for 1 to 3 weeks.

Can you imagine what an incredible annual cruise this would be for your Sea Scout unit?  (Or fantastic outing any time of the year?)

We can customize your trip to fulfill your dreams!  Call us to discuss possibilities, and to learn about Scout group discounts for a group minimum of 6 youth (and two adult leaders).   818-330-9528

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