Places We Go and Things We Do

As an ultimate adventure program, what we do depends on where we are in the world and what there is to see and do where we are, taking into account weather, environmental conditions and the interests of the youth who are on board.

We have a general outline but it can change at any time as we find amazing things along the way; and so, what we actually do usually ends up being even more exciting that what we planned!

A big part of the ongoing adventure is being an active member of the sailing crew and doing your part to make sure the voyage goes well, despite whatever may come up!

In port there are always neat places to explore, restaurants to try, and shops to check out (so be sure to bring some pocket money for meals onshore and souvenirs).

Every area on earth has its own individual ecological miracles and ecological challenges, and as part of your CoEco education you’ll be able to visit as many of these places as we can fit in during your trip to experience the widest possible range of ecological diversity, and have a chance to learn firsthand their problems and solutions.

Here are some examples of fun outdoor water and shore activities that we have done in different places:

Caribbean Islands

There are many, many islands in the Caribbean Sea that beckon exploration, each with its own charming differences having been populated and owned by different southern European countries throughout history.  All have tropical climes and spectacular beaches with incredibly colored ocean waters. We have our favorites – and you’ll help decide where we go when we are on the 78-foot yacht Free Spirit.

We like San Andres, Colombia, off the coast of Nicaragua, known for its “Sea of Seven Colors” and coral reefs with 85 species of coral. (According to the Ocean Conservancy, the San Andres archipelago is one of six key sites for the health of the Earth.)







Examples of Caribbean activities:

Snorkeling in underwater marine preserves

Diving in pristine waters where coral reefs are flourishing

Wreck diving

Hiking in tropical island wildernesses

Kite surfing

Zip lining

Horseback riding

Learn about the history of coffee

Visiting and snorkeling at “Aquarium Island” at San Andres, Colombia (off the coast of Nicaragua)  (See a video here!)

Time permitting, sailing to nearby islands such as Providencia (three days sailing round-trip)





Hawaiian Islands

Location of the Hawaiian Islands (USA State of Hawaii)

Hawaii is USA’s 49th state and retains much of its native Hawaiian culture and feel.  Our program is usually based out of the north end of the third-largest Hawaiian island, called Oahu (597 sq. miles, where Waikiki and Pearl Harbor are, and there are plenty of fantastic adventure possibilities there.

Hawaii activities that are available:

Learning to sail and race our 42-foot ocean racer sailboat, the Gerontius, a two-time state champion!

Snorkeling the coral reefs at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Hiking to waterfalls, playing in the pools

Surfing lessons where the past kings of Hawaii learned to surf

Stand-up paddle board and lessons

Ocean diving

Cage diving with sharks (optional)

Ocean fishing

Volcano climbing (Koko Crater and Diamond Head)


Mountain rim hikes

Island biking

Jurassic Valley at Kualoa (where Jurassic Park and Godzilla were filmed)

Flying gliders (additional $60/person)

Visit a coffee plantation

Polynesian Cultural Center


The Mediterranean Sea

Southern Italy to the west of Corfu and Greece

We often spend time off the upper western coast of Greece on an island called Corfu with perfect white sand beaches and aquamarine/turquoise water, and incredible snorkeling and hiking.

It’s a day-and-a-half sail away to Italy.  Our travels this summer could potentially take us as far as France and to southern Spain, where we could visit the church where Christopher Columbus knelt before sailing for the Americas.

Island of Corfu, off the western coast of Greece

European/Mediterranean activities include

  • Incredible hiking with panoramic vistas
  • – Stunning snorkeling
  • Wreck diving
  • Coral reef sampling
  • Exploring European sea ports and historical towns
  • Doing archaeological digs and exploring ancient ruins

This is a relatively new area for us, and you’ll be helping

find and explore as some of the amazing things you’ll get to do

on this trip!


Other potential destinations

The Canary Islands (off the coast of Morocco/in the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Africa)

The Azores (volcanic islands off the coast of Portugal)

Southern California (tour off-shore islands, beaches and ports from San Diego to destinations north.  Swimming, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, free diving, hiking, exploring islands, snorkeling in one of the most spectacular sea kelp forests in the world, dive with sun fish off Catalina island, and more!)


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