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Thinking about joining us for one of our educational Oceans Adventures?  Here’s more information for you.

We offer an “Ultimate Adventure” program. What’s an adventure?  An unusual or exciting experience. Sometimes an unexpected event or course of events.

Whatever we do each day depends on where we are in the world and what’s there to see and do, taking into account what the weather and other environmental conditions are, and the interests of everyone on board at that time. If we learn about something cool to do that is nearby, like maybe a local fisherman offers to take us out and teach us fishing, and we want to do it, we’ll do that. If there’s no wind for sailing, the tropics are always great for swimming, snorkeling and diving. And most everywhere we go has incredible hiking.  If we’re in port we might go sight-seeing (and, possibly, find some wifi for a short session of Skyping or sending messages home via Facebook or email to family and friends).  If it’s a cloudy day, we might make it a day for exploring a bazaar. And if not everyone wants to do the same activity, we work things out together. You become part of figuring it out, including going over the logistics and the resources in terms of time, vehicles, etc.  So you have input, and you help solve anything that comes up.

Your trip is an adventure. We stay flexible so we can take advantage of opportunities as they come up, based on the interests of the people on board.  Our relatively small boat and group size gives us the freedom to be very flexible, change easily and also see places that bigger groups can’t manage.

Being an important part of a team!

And part of the adventure is being part of the crew of the sailing ship as we travel from place to place.  No prior experience required!  On a daily basis you’ll be learning and taking turns doing every job on the boat, including holding watch, meal preparation, and boat operation and maintenance, plus learning navigation and the so-called “rules of the road.”  And all of this is done under our very experienced Captain, Master Mariner Scott Rhoads and his crew.

We are not a conventional, highly-structured “summer camp.” We’re not a scuba training program, nor a marine biology camp or any other specific type of camp, nor a sailing school.  We’re a learning adventure program.  And when you’re on board with us, you will have access to the widest range of ultimate adventures available in the part of the world in which we are sailing!

You can see what kinds of adventures might be available here!


What makes our program different?

The answer is Cooperative Ecology

A key difference in our program is LAEO’s underlying principle of Cooperative Ecology (Co-Eco™). “Ecology” is a word that refers to the relationships between organisms, each other, and their environments.

Cooperative Ecology™ (Co-Eco™) is a word coined by our Founder, world-renowned conservationist and author Lawrence Anthony.

“Cooperative Ecology” is the concept that all life forms are interdependent, and to the degree each individual co-operates (in other words “works together”) with others, and with the natural world, each has the best chance of living a long and healthy life.  This kind of constructive decision-making enhances the quality of decisions about one’s work, financial choices, personal relationships, involvement in community activities, as well as one’s interaction with the natural world.

While sailing on oceans adventures, our students have a chance to experience, firsthand, many marine environments. You will learn about the problems these areas face today and possible remedies, from a CoEco viewpoint—working together with all the entities involved to come up with solutions that benefit everyone.  And this “CoEco” viewpoint naturally extends into teamwork and good leadership in general, in any kind of group — one’s family, a school or sports group, one’s friends, at work, etc.  These are concepts that will be taken home and used to build a better life.

LAEO is offering this educational program to the future leaders of our world, as a part of achieving its mission of raising awareness and the implementation of effective solutions, to reverse the decline of the plant and animal Kingdoms and our environment.

Marine research and community service

There will be times when we use our vessel for marine research as well, and students aboard can participate in activities such as sampling coral reefs and sending the collections to and interacting with prestigious marine scientists.

For community service projects, students can research what kind of problems an area is having and what important actions they can do to make the situation better. For example:

–  beach or port clean-ups (e.g., diving in the harbor and removing anchors and lines, etc.)

– teaching school children why people should not litter, and then leading a community cleanup project with them with prizes

– tutoring local kids

– repairing fishermen’s boats so they can work

Depending on the interests of the team on-board, we can also bring solutions to local environmental problems and deliver Cooperative Ecology-based informational materials to people in the various ports we visit.  For example, LAEO has identified ways to effectively clean up polluted ocean waters and ports.  If our on-board team are interested, they would talk to local port officials about the fact that there are real solutions to this issue. (You can find out more about this solution under the “Environmental Solutions” tab at our web site: www.TheEarthOrganization.org.)


Sorting out and achieving your goals

Each person who arrives for any of our extended programs receives a personal, in-depth interview with regard to his/her interests, goals and purposes in life, and what they hope to achieve as a result of their time on board.  This is used in planning a student’s stay, allowing them to concentrate on their areas of interest and learn at their own pace, getting assistance, when needed.

Whatever we are working on learning, each individual is free to progress at his or her own pace.  There are no social pressures no matter if a student is faster than others in a subject, or needs more time in a particular subject to really get it.  What is important is that they get it—not how much time it takes to do so.  We always make sure the student is happy with his understanding of what he/she is learning or doing.

Our small crew to youth ratio (approx. 1:3) allows us to give each teen our individual attention. We discuss situations a lot, and students commonly find that life problems will sort out pretty quickly.

Visiting new places and tackling challenging activities, while having fun with new friends in a safe environment, helps a person to start figuring things out about their life and what they want to achieve. And the life skills learned, including teamwork and leadership that you gain while being part of the boat’s crew, will give you skills to help you succeed long after you’ve gone home.

Our longer program allows for fine-tuning and practice of these skills in the direction of pursuing one’s goals and dreams.  Students learn how to create a true team that can help remove any barriers in order to get where they want to go.


Unique Two-Week Adventure Program

Our two-week program is an exciting and challenging educational experience packed with adventure! It is based on the idea that more people with skills to create and lead strong teams are needed in society and that these skills are not genetic—they are learned.

After 20 years, we have a long track record of helping students learn to create and guide anything from a ship’s crew or a sports team to a business, or a nation. This two-week program gives the most basic skills in an intensive program that helps to prepare and stabilize future effective adults.

Expanded ongoing program:

On-board schooling

For students who can’t get enough adventures or are smitten by a life of adventure, LAEO offers a fully-accredited, on-board adventure high school.

You can stay on and continue living the life of adventure and travel around the world—while keeping up with your schooling on-board, tailored to your needs and interests.

Our two nationally accredited curricula will take our students on the best possible path from any starting point up to a full high school diploma. One of our curricula is designed for college prep while the other is directed more towards directly preparing for life while keeping the college door open for the future. Our teachers are fully licensed and proven with a long record of successful graduates.

Effective tutoring is provided to sort out any specific difficulties with a student’s studies and help them through any problem areas to get moving along well in their education.

For our expanded, on-going school, students can stay for as little as three months, or all the way up to as long as it takes to get their high school diploma.  If they come for just a portion of their high school studies, they will be able to seamlessly resume when they return to their regular school.  Many students will want to stay as long as it takes to complete their entire high school education with us—or beyond. (We also have a GAP-year program to help students prepare for the transition from high school to college.)

While on-board, no matter what program they are on, students continue to participate in all the great adventures and outings and continue to be part of the crew on the ship as a senior member of the youth crew, building on their newly-learned skills in sailing, seamanship, teamwork and leadership.

There’s nothing like being able to balance “book studies” with being in an environment of real-world adventure!

Participating in our on-going programs, gives a student the opportunity to further clarify and work towards what they want to accomplish in life and how they plan to get there, supported by an educational program tailored just for them.

A key part of our program is learning more about Cooperative Ecology, becoming familiar with a larger variety of ecosystems, and being in a position to do advanced Co-Eco™ projects and internships, if desired.  These activities are very impressive on college application forms and resumes for moving into the work force as they show that a person has a background of having been out in the real world actually getting things done.

And, as they continue to have many more adventures, and explore new places, they are making life-long friends as new teens come on board.


Gap Year Adventures

It is an unfortunate but common occurrence that students graduating from high school and even college often have no real direction for their life and little idea of what they really want to do and/or how to accomplish their goals. Learning how to be productive in “the real world,” and figuring out what one’s real goals and purposes are in life and having a strategic plan to achieve them is an extremely important step for the future success of one’s life.

Having these basics sorted out makes an enormous difference in the value of any further education as one, then, has a real purpose for studying and using the knowledge gained. Also, with a real certainty of what direction one wants to take with their life, one can better focus their future efforts towards successfully achieving one’s goals, rather than waste time trying different things to figure it all out or just getting a job to get a job, with no real purpose. This is the essence of what a gap year should be all about. Combine this with our on-going, extraordinary adventures and challenging seamanship skills and our students come away with a very enhanced grasp on life.

As Capt. Scott says:  “Life is an adventure—your education should be, too!”


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