Workable Solutions to Global Water Shortages have Urgency

Fresh, clean water is not only a basic human right, it is a fundamental right of all life.

LAEO’s U.S. headquarters is spearheading projects around the world with the purpose of ensuring that knowledge related to how to locate and access abundant fresh water, even in highly arid areas or those prone to drought, is available for the good of mankind and all life. The know-how enabling broader access to this natural resource that is so basic to survival must not be controlled by only a few, but must be available to all as a basic right.

LAEO’s longer range plans include forming alliances in water deficient regions to help ecosystems recover and thrive while enabling communities to access clean water to live healthier and economically prosper, alongside regional wildlife.

Some of our current projects include managing wildlife conservation and Zulu community empowerment programs that involve providing jobs, vocational training and educational programs, as well as expanding water resources on its 35,000 acre conservation reserve in South Africa — the Elephants on our reserves drink a lot of water!

By establishing a Deep-Seated Water Exploration Alliance we can achieve the purpose of safeguarding and expanding Earth’s water resources and its free access as a fundamental human right and right for all life.

Access to adequate amounts of clean, fresh water is a serious problem in many regions of the planet. Lack of it can act as a driver for wars, economic strife, famine, and environmental devastation to ecosystems through drought and pollutants.

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s Science and Technology Advisors have formed a sub-committee to carry forth the study of deep seated water resources and advance broad scale implementations. While our work in this area is just beginning, our purpose is to ensure this vitally important science is far more known and utilized in order to guarantee that clean water is accessible to the world.

With LAEO’s Science and Tech Advisory Committee’s Clean Water Program we are opening the doors to more productive water resource exploration, development and sourcing in different regions of the world.

If you are interested in water science and becoming a member of our alliance, please contact our STAC Coordinator at:

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