The Most Fundamental Principle Underlying All Workable Environmental Solutions

Cooperative Ecology is a field of study and system of conservation logic – a method for constructive decision making – borne out of Lawrence Anthony’s experiences and his work to revitalize in people a greater respect for and cooperation with the natural world. CoEco decision making is about aligning our day-to-day choices, sciences, communities, politics, economics and industrial interests to re-create a healthy, thriving world for all.

It is a fundamental truth that, to the degree that each of us better understands nature and the value of Cooperative Ecology as a tool for daily decision making, the world will be a far safer and healthier place to live.

We invite members of industry, governments, schools and all professionals to embrace this program and work with us to implement Cooperative Ecology across every sector of society.

CoEco Knowledge and Alignment Kit

We have compiled a simple tool kit of materials that anyone can use to help oneself and others make more constructive choices. This short study gives a basic understanding of how to apply Cooperative Ecology thinking and action to the world around you in your daily life. It consists of an online or offline course with a guidebook and tool kit that leads to happier living for individuals, one’s friends, family, co-workers, and yes, even life forms from elephants to ocean plankton in our natural world. Contact us and ask to sign up for the CoEco Kit!

Lawrence Anthony’s books are true stories and examples of how to make CoEco decisions under tough and challenging circumstances. We recommend you read all three. You’ll be uplifted and inspired by these sterling examples of what a difference just one person can make in even the most trying of circumstances.

Click here to get Lawrence Anthony’s books.

Cooperative Ecology Contest

In January of 2017, we will be launching our fourth contest for high school students in the Southern California area.  Students must first read our Cooperative Ecology booklet. Then to enter, each contestant creates a video or power point presentation, from one to three minutes long, that demonstrates a great example of the importance of people making choices and carrying out activities that respect and enhance the survival of other life forms, and how that then comes back around in a circle to enhance those people’s lives.

Five Grand Prize Winners will win a 3-day trip to Safari West– an African wildlife preserve in Northern California – where they will take educational game drives through the reserve each day, attend briefings about endangered species and environmental issues and solutions, and join together with their peers to become part of a dynamic team of CoEco Ambassadors.

If you are a high school student or teacher in Southern California, check back with this page for more details as we update it.

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