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CLEAN WATERS PROGRAM –Protecting and Preserving Earth’s Waters

A major focus of LAEO’s US headquarters is the protection and preservation of Earth’s oceans and fresh water resources. Our programs to re-create clean waters worldwide operate in three key areas currently:

  • Locating and implementing technologies for removing chemical pollutants from our fresh water and ocean environments.
  • Improving policy that governs hazardous chemical and oil spill cleanup response methods.
  • Addressing water scarcities through the implementation of a science developed and proven many years ago but still relatively unknown dealing with how to locate and drill for water generated deep within the earth.

The consequences of the dwindling availability of clean fresh water and healthy ocean environments, represent one of the most critical social, economic and environmental challenges of this century, impacting every species and life form on the planet.

PRIMARY WATER – An Earth-Generated Resource

We are working with various professionals in this field to solve Earth’s water shortages. LAEO U.S. is spearheading several projects in key areas around the world that will eliminate water scarcity in those regions.

There is an alternative source of fresh water for drought prone regions that should be broadly known and added to water conservation strategies known as Primary Water, or juvenile water.  Unfortunately, this has nearly become a lost technology. Our next step is to help those professionals codify their scientific knowledge and techniques for locating and drilling wells for this type of water. We intend that this old, yet new water science will become a significant field of study and its practical expertise will be in high demand.

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