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Because a healthy future for yourself and those you care for is directly linked to the health of the planet: its air, waters, oceans, soil, and animal populations. Polluted water and air, nutrition-less soil, a weakened Animal Kingdom, and an unhealthy environment is one of the greatest threats to your family’s long-term survival.

The good news is that solutions already exist – there is no lack of technology to restore the health of the planet. But it takes dedicated, full-time, qualified, professional people to 1) identify which solutions will actually work and not just create other problems later, 2) then educate the public, industry, commerce and government regulators about them, and 3) overcome the barriers in order to get them truly implemented. This process takes resources and, yes, money.

Speed is a factor. There are several serious environmental problems on planet earth that are decaying rapidly. We do not have an abundance of time to find and implement solutions.  The more members we have, the faster we will be able to address and resolve these issues.

Inaccurate science and information that generates destructive solutions, combined with the actions of vested interests to suppress technologies that could prevent, restore and protect our planet, are two very real culprits. That doesn’t mean that industry should be attacked. To the contrary. It means that industry should be helped to integrate better technologies that will protect and restore the natural world while, at the same time, economically benefiting commerce, jobs, and the economy.

Intelligent action is required!

Here are just two examples of the work we are doing:

Because one of the largest environmental problems impacting the world is toxic spills, we researched and identified cutting-edge solutions to spill disasters and, since 2010, have been instrumental in helping those solutions get utilized in over 40 countries. For the first time in history, real solutions for effectively and swiftly cleaning up polluted oceans and waterways are being implemented in many areas. But there is still much more to do.

Additionally, lack of access to adequate fresh water has caused illness, death, scarcity of food, and untold strife between countries and regions. In 2015, we identified a solution to the world’s fresh water problems – a science, still relatively unknown, but which can access constantly regenerated sources of fresh water from deep within the planet. For regions stricken by drought and ‘desertification’, this  earth-generated water, also known as Primary Water or juvenile water, is the solution. We are working to get this technology utilized around the world and to ensure the science is protected for future generations.

We are asking you to become a loyal member of Earth’s “life support team”.

We are passionately dedicated to getting real results. Are you ready to help? Okay! Welcome to the team! Click here to sign up for your Membership today!

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